Take shelter now!

My son and I were having a great time, shooting sports photos outside, on a beautiful day running around several fields of soccer players. Those large lenses were clumsy to carry and weighted us down, but that was the job. Then we heard a shout from the main admin building at of the National sports center.

We both turned to look at man in yellow vest motioning to every one on the field to move into the building immediately. It was explained to a large group of players and referees that a tornado was heading our way, we were required to get off the field and get into a sheltered area. At least a could hundred guys were gathered in the large building down some concrete steps into very enclosed hallways. My son and clung to each other, it was very crowded. On the way into the tighter area we could see a large screen showing weather radar and dot that showed a large tornado heading our way.

Needless to say it was frightening, the power of a tornado is horrible and deadly. We both found a table to sit on and wait. The crowd was very close but friendly and fairly quiet, you feel the tension in the air from anticipation. It seemed like hours being crammed together with absolute nothing happening. I happened to break loose from the crowd for a moment to look out a large window and saw large dark cloud miles away, nothing coming to toward our location, we could see it change paths.

Moments later the all clear sound was given and we were released to continue our jobs. It had been very scary but we were safe.

I was in a church service in wooden building at what is considered an electronic church where the preacher would be on a screen broadcast from a different building. The service was going smoothly until the local pastor walked on the stage and lights went up the screen went dark.

He stated plainly that there was tornado was on the way and He pleaded for everyone to vacat the building quickly. The building was unsafe for the threat of tornado.

In both cases in the same basic area a small town was heavily damaged by the actual touchdown.

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