Satan is alive and very active

All through history this gets repeated, the leader of a country kill its own people. Makes no sense at all. What right did Hitler have in exterminating Jews? Why do Americans vote to kill their own unborn through abortion? Saddam Hussein did the same thing, killing his own people.

I suspect that the answer maybe a drug problem. Drugs from that powerful leader himself, Satan. The world is going to hell in hand basket. Sorry President Trump you stop this by yourself, it takes a nation of prayer warriors convict these so called leaders to change their minds and stop the killing.

I wonder too, if this is part of the Islamic Jihad, they have to kill for no justifiable reason. I do believe we are learning that Islam is the fastest growing cult in the world, that is their aim to conquer the world for Satan. Satan’s ultimate objective is to steal, kill and to destroy.

Jesus mission is to bring peace and salvation to the world, and He did that on the cross. He brings life and not death.


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