Okay, enough is enough

In Minnesota, we thought the Halloween blizzard of 1991 was crazy, it was. The blizzard came as a nasty surprise. I was driving for a living at the time, the roads were hell, ruts to no end and my driveway took a day to dig out, with just a shovel. I have talked about the mild Winters for many years. No major dumpers all that time. My snowblower was fairly quiet all those years, I might have used it 3 times during each year. I do believe that blizzard dumped around 20 inches in one day and it stayed there the entire winter. The following Winters would leave maybe 10 inches the entire winter.

There were geese hanging out

Now, isn’t the biggest snowfall supposed come at the beginning of the Winter or the middle? For heavens sake, this is April 2018, where are the rain showers? Out my apartment window, what little I can see for snow blocking the view, is 20 inches of heavy snow in two days. I am blessed this year, I’m retired and at home working in my office. But, those who are still working other jobs are battling the mess. I have absolutely no need to go out and face this one. My lovely daughter-in-law got the flue and my son had to get her to a pharmacy to get treatment in this, as he called it, snowy crap. My best friend works at a store and what would normally take 10 minutes to get home took over about an hour, getting stuck in the snow twice. Late last night they cleaned out the parking lot of the apartment I live in. Maybe they will find Spring under that ridiculous pile of snow. What happened to those geese that were hanging out for a week, that turkey that was here for one day?

Maybe a lesson learned after all these years, look for big snow falls either really early in the Winter or Early Spring.

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