This is just for fun

When I was very young man there was TV sitcom I enjoyed every week. It was called Karen, a teenager that rambunctious but adorable. Fact is I had major crush on her, I worshiped the ground she walked on and in my silly teenage crush I actually tried to call her on the phone, I never got her on the phone and I was hurt by that. Her actual name was Debbie Watson. Notice the last name.

In 2018 I use a money program with this video continually shows me another young woman where signature keep showing Janney Matt. I looked several to learn more about her. That name never materialized or the face. It says Emma Watson. Notice the last name again? I looked up what shows she was on and lo and behold there was the same girl who wrote her name as Janney. OK, whatever. She was the star on Beauty and the Beast. I watched movie today enjoyed it so much, it was so full of fun and color and great creativity. Emma is another very talented actress and deeply attractive. No, I don’t have crush on her but the last name similarity is curious to me.

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