The Political food fight!?

During the 2016-2017 presidential debate Mr. James Comey actually said that Hillary Clinton didn’t break the law in her activities as Secretary of State. Of course, this did not sit well with Donald Trump, she was still under investigation with the FBI and lost the election at any rate.

President Donald J. Trump fired Comey promptly, when he took the highest office off the country. That didn’t surprise anyone, but Hillary’s loss certainly did. Vengeance has been in the wind ever since, led by Democrats. Well, this kind of ancient history is behind us, or is it?

Over a year later James Comey is at war with the President. He has come out with a book that shows his side of the event. President Trump has stated clearly that James Comey is a liar and should be charged with treason for leaking important documents to the press and our enemies.

The battle

I have taken the privilege to examine this war more closely. Two major channels, Fox news and ABC have had their special programs aired last Sunday night in this arena of who is right and who is wrong. FOX NEWS had a mock trial of James Comey while ABC let James Comey speak what he calls the truth against a President that I think he resents and hates. Both programs were one hour in length and very engaging.

FOX news presented both sides of the evidence of 4 parts of the charges that may be brought against Mr. Comey stating his actions were illegal. I am not one who can remember all the details of the mock trial, the Viewers conclusion is that Mr. Comey is guilty of lying under oath his hearings and obstruction of the truth of misleading the public of Hillary Clinton’s misused of her authority at the state department.

The program was Comey and his well scripted answers for the fake news channel. He answered four major questions of his views of President Trump. He still says that what Hillary did to cover her mistakes was inexcusable and wrong but not enough to warrant a criminal charges. I ask myself since was done being sloppy and careless in your job not mean you didn’t break the rule of law. He was actually surprised that Trump became elected and has accused helping Trump get elected. He was surprised at being fired.

What happened at the meeting?

The real battle comes In when he met with the new President at dinner and that began a new battle of he said she said fight. Obviously both were men denying what really happened at the table. There is still no even evidence of Russian collusion of the election. Comey firmly belies the President is mob boss and liar. He call the President morally corrupt and unfit for the offce, but should not be impeached. Impeachment is based on treason, there is none. Comey obviously has no respect for the President and appears very resentful of everything.

My personal conclusion is this of both men. Comey was part of the Obama administration where is corruption was the first name. He is nothing more than a political operative. Democrats are being seen more and more everyday for their hatred of Trump and resentment of his Making America Great Again. I see Comey as a puppet for George Soros as well as the Democrats party.

Now, trust me I know Donald Trump is no saint it is obvious, he is a street fighter. In the first year of his presidency he is doing what he said he would do and doing it well. He was not my choice to be the candidate for the Presidential race, Hillary was much worse.

I am wondering why the title of the book is THE HIGHER AUTHORITY? Who is he referring to? Is Comey one the alligators in the swamp that Trump is trying to drain.

If you watched both shows as I did you will draw your own conclusions.

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