That’s life!

What is on my mind today: not a whole lot, I’m retired I don’t have to think much anymore. I live in a retirement community of so called active 55 and up seniors, but I’m not very active. I have three computers on my desk, each programmed to make some money, I just let them do all the work while I drink my morning tea and relax. I have my bagel for breakfast and then a bunch of surveys all day. It is the work at home lifestyle, that includes writing what ever I feel like writing about.  If I get sleepy with this boring stuff, I will take a nap.

My average (workday) is from around 5 am. To 6 pm. Monday thru Friday. Yes, I call that retirement, it is easy to do, there is no traffic to contend with, no snow to move and no maintenance at all. My wife is in the next room doing what ever she wants.

I was forced to retire at 68 from a broken ankle accident. I have not been able to work out side my home since the accident messed up my entire foot and my leg as well. After 10 miserable weeks of wearing a boot to heel the feet, my entire leg is bent outward somewhat. I walk like a penguin with a cane. Too say the least it has been a drastic change of lifestyle. I’m not being negative okay, let’s make that clear. My Jesus takes good care of me every day. I am getting to believe that God pushed me to the ground with the broken ankle to get me to retire. I know that sounds very weird but there is no other way to explain why I fell on my ankle of all places. My God is good all the time. You should meet Jesus, He is awesome.


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