Don’t sound the alarm

How is your environment today? Mine is great! So, what is the deal with the environmental alarm? Those phony self proclaimed experts have failed to prove anything, we not facing climate change caused by man kind. I have watched numerous documentaries sponsored by our satellites that can’t lie, climate change is natural movements of oceans around the world that cause it. It is highly complex study on natural elements that we, with the naked eye, can’t see. You can catch the videos on you tube under Humanity From Space series. There are several video in the series, the one you want is the one that explores the oceans and ¬†weather patterns.

I will not say that humans are off the hook, because we make our mistakes for sure. Air pollution is a serious matter in certain cities like Los Angeles where the mountains keep the pollution from floating away. I know that from personal experience after living in L.A. many years ago: pollution burns the eyes, the haze can be awful around there. That the only city I have seen with that kind of haze.

I am very much in favor of recycling, it only makes sense but not for the environment, just for common sense. Harassing the power of wind, solar panels all make sense. Theses water bottles are getting out hand for sure. I use them because they are handy, I don’t spill the water I carry and besides water is much healthier that Pepsi any day.

Jesus told us to pursue the earth and everything that is in it.

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