The Deep doo doo State

The shadow government has been around for many years. It is very scary to comprehend those who are really running the country. It has been undermining our government for many years and we the people didn’t know about  until the new sheriff arrived in town. Apparently Donald Trump knew about it and is at war with it. He was one of the richest families in American and knew the other rich families who are the basic Deep State. The Establishment in Congress was part of it and they are considered to be the swamp he is trying to drain. President Donald Trump was elected to take this system apart because of the direction it was taking the country.

The new term is now THE DEEP STATE is really angry that their will is no longer being recognized as the authority. They are doing all they can to distract the American public from the truth. The swamp is quiet large and the alligators are really angry at the President. This latest prostitute scandal is a stupid attack from his past and I find meaningless. Keep exposing these people for what they are Mr President.

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