The Lower Loyelty

A seeming gentlemen is going on a tour on all the networks making excuses why he is the good guy and President Trump is the bad guy. I call it the excuses tour or maybe the save my butt tour, for selling his book, he has to make a living somehow since he got fired. He probably got sizable advance to publish the book,  after all he is Jim Comey who appeared on nationwide TV countless times before and after the election. Democrats will be reading the book since it slams the President. But then again his letter to congress also killed Hillary chances to become president, or so they say. I still can’t believe he fully expected Hillary to win the presidency in spite of the investigation going on. Is almost half the country that corrupt to want this particular woman, who is more corrupt than they, are to lead the country?

I watched hours on end of Comey’s testimony before the sub committee again. It appears he knew this was to be a complicated mess at the start because of the timing of the election going on. There is no reason to impeach President Donald Trump and there never will be. It is this bitter jealousy and hatred that is doing much harm to the country’s morale. It will be very interesting to see how the election goes this fall for  congress. By the what, president is morally pure to be President? Can you name one?

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