Here we go

I was an on call driver, that means I got my package over a machine sitting next to me and then go from location to location the deliver packages. I had to decide my own routes every day. In the summer time it was pretty easy job with totally clean roads. Winter time could be a challenge, either heavy snow or icy roads.  Icy roads are much more hazardous than heavy snow, however and icy road can send you into heavy snow on the side roads.

Going up a hill on icy roads can really be fun. I was in a townhouse area down a fairly step hill and had to make three runs back up the hill at high speeds, spinning wheels all the way,  to make it to the top and hope there would no one coming, so I wouldn’t have to stop.

Or driving into the parking lot full of snow and not being able to figure where the actual curbs were. I found my self hung up pretty good on a snow pile that I though was an opening. Here I go again, spinning wheels to get out. There was no way to get out of it alone. I was at a funeral parlor with a dozen car sitting there. I went inside to ask the funeral director if I could help from a dozen guys standing around. I was shocked and grateful when they all followed me to the car and pushed the car out quickly.

I was traveling down a very busy stretch of freeway on the icy road, I could see ahead some distance  a large truck struggling to stay on the road and slowed down, that was the normal reaction. However, slowing down didn’t help much, I could feel the ice underneath my car. I tried to apply the brakes slowly as the truck turned sideways and other cars were obviously struggling to remain control. Nothing worked, then I could see the truck regained control but I was not gaining control. A car in front of me was loosing control as well, then I lost control and we sailed onward, out of control. The car in front of me tried to pull out traffic, we both swerved side ways heavily, next thing I knew she stopped and I slammed into the vehicle.

My vehicle air bag on my steering wheel  exploded, spraing with contents. I got out of the car and checked my damage first. My hood was bent, the grill was crushed, her car damage was nothing but she had a baby in the backseat, we both checked on the baby, the kid was good. I drove on as soon as I could rather shook up. That night at home, repairs were made to patch it together.

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