Today I took a trip down Chapter 13 of the New Testament book of 1st Corinthians.  I did not struggle to understand the content, but I did briefly struggle with a way to say it to you that is understandable, particularly the first three verses.  So here goes with my own paraphrase:

Verse 1:  I can speak great and wonderful things, but if I have no love I am only MAKING NOISE.

Verse 2:  I can know all things and have perfect knowledge, understanding and faith, but if I have no love I AM NOTHING.

Verse 3:  If I give all and sacrifice everything but do so without love, I have gained NOTHING.

Think about it.  God has perfect knowledge and understanding, knowing all things, and saying great and wonderful things.  But if He had no love, there probably would have been no creation, no reason for our existence, no reason for Him to care about  us.

The chapter goes on to describe what love is, what love does, what love isn’t, and what love doesn’t do.  It’s a perfect blueprint of God’s existence and nature.

I encourage you to open  your Bible and study that chapter.



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