Thanks for nothing

I will probably offend some one with this article but I’m offended by the initial problem. What am I talking about? Here goes, sometime ago the Boy Scouts of America were a good organization with a positive influence on my generation, I was one of them. For many generation it was healthy, then the Gay movement wanted to get involved as leaders.

Most BSA members meet in churches leaving church groups very upset with gays leading their youth.  Gays life style is condemned according to scriptures.  The BSA groups were forced by the ACLA organization to accept them as leaders much to a major protest.

Most churches dropped the traditional program over the protest. Very sad for BSA and families. A great organization with profound impact on society falling apart because of a sinful nature of the gay life.

Boys Scout of America have lost their appeal because of this and lost numbers and support and now have decided to include girls in the program. I have no problem with girls getting good teaching but not with gays, it is questionable. Society is definitely going downhill.


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