13 ways to look at a clock

number 1: a glimpse into the futures withot leaving today

number 2: wake, rise, (alarm clock)

Run (stop watch)

Late to work (time clock)

Chiming grandfather (mantle clock)

Power gone and back again (vcr)

number 3: “one minute to count”

the urgency to stop what you are doing

and place your butt back on the bed

number 4:I wake up in the middle of the night,

the dream still in full control of my senses.

I look around lost, unsure, then I see the clock. It’s

illuminated numbers bring order to my chaos riddled


Number 5: Vibrations Pause echoing in my mind the

second have hand moves yet time stands still.

glowing is its green and white background numbers

like choices stand out. It’s coming to past , the hour one

must get up.

number 6: What’s time ?

is it coming or going?

number 7: “tick,tick, tick, tick,

the sound of of the passage of time

the hand advances slowly and gently

with each passing “tick”

smoothly the hours pass.

number 8: A face so benign,

objective , unknowing,

all -known, and grim as a clock

number 9: we’re stuck in a place

Where time stand still.

Number 10: It echoes out a birth of child

and takes a life in the next second.

number 11: Nay, looking at clock is past seeing time

number 12: That old clock sat on the mantle for years

It seemed to keep perfect time time

It kept time in all the seasons of the my life. It never

failed to amaze me.

number 13: First hand is the earth

second hand is the the moon

the minute hand is the

fastest and is fleeting

as the son.







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