My Dream

My body was going straight upwards suddenly all my pain was gone. My feet didn’t hurt at all. I could see my loved ones around me going skyward. My dearly departed were above. they had gone first. The sensation was wonderful as we approach the gates and in to the arms of Jesus our Lord. He had raptured our broken bodies in His loving arms. Life on Earth was over and the singing and rejoicing began. The streets were paved with gold

An angel escorted me to my new home that was beyond description. I had no pain, no hunger, I felt perfect for once in my 70 years. There were smiles everywhere as we enjoy the awesome presence of Jesus the Lord. He was my bride now and loved me as i have never been loved in my love. We are home in Heaven, the journey was over.

My foot started to hurt and legs started cramping like always, the dream vanished.  I had dreamed the whole thing. But it was just a small glimpse of what is to come, any time. I know it is coming the presence of Jesus in me now, is that real. He lives within giving me peace every day regardless of the pain. Are you ready for the rapture and the presence of Jesus to give you real peace and perfection? I can be real to you and even today. The rapture will happen


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