I have searched the heavens two

thousand fold, searching the sky day after day.

night after night and was unable to

see a star. Not even a twinkle would occure.

The void seemed so impenetrable,

as if the universe were at stands still.

As if nothing traveled through that

great darkness,


The light that shone from the sun

as brilliantly radiated a warmth that

caused plants to grow, a warmth that

shielded one from the loneliness

that only the cold can bring.

But  still, there one no stars


That empty void in the heavens that cannot

be seen through, not even with help

of the sun.

What the use-why even bother

to continue the search? Why?

Could a star make the much of a difference?

And, if one did appear, world one be

able to recognize it?


It is said that a star is plant,

set blazing in the heavens-a particle of

the sun.


Is that what i saw two

stars when I glanced

in her eyes?

Is that why I became

warm when the rays

from your eyes touched me


Can that be the

reason why search

is slowely

coming to a close…..?



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