Here We Go Again

Here we go again…

Stand tall and, look tough. Hope like

hell they don’t call your bluff.

Buy hey,

Nobody said it would be easy.


Steady your gate, Look ’em straight

in the eye. Ignore the tragedy.

Don’t ever Let ’em see you cry,

and remember,

Nobody said it would be easy.


Watch your back, your front and both sides. Be prepared for dirty,

tricks never before tried. And when

you think you’ve moved ahead and gained

some ground, be surprised when

you look around and the scenery

is still the same.

Nobody promised it would be easy.


Hard world, harder jobs. Stand your

ground in the face of the mob. Go

home and try to remember how to

feel. Try to recognize what

is really real…

But you knew it wouldn’t be easy.


Fighting for accepting without

losing who you are. Trying not to

be bitter, but how do you hide

the scars, when

Nobody tries to make it easy.


Where are your allies; who’s your

friend? Tomorrow comes and

Here we go again.


Does it ever get easy?


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