There is burden

That comes with Privilege,

Few care to admit.


This burden that

Come with privileges,

Means you must pay

For what you get.


You must live up

To certain standard…

That standard must be met.


You must grown

To reach levels

That are even higher yet.


The burden that comes with privilege

Is the price all privileged should pay;

By reaching out to others;

By thanking God when you pray

For making life easier

For choosing to lighten your load,

You must pass the baton that you hold


You owe it to yourself,

to go the extra mile;

of the road of life

You were spared

Many a heartaches,

Many a trial.


Just think of

How your life

Would have been;

Were you to take

Your troubles, and trade

For those of your friend?


Whatever our challenge,

Whatever our feat;

We know it is something

Our God can meet.



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