No one was there

When I tasted my first ripe peach, I glimpsed

the future. I saw that this was a world of misery

and ecstasy and that I’d live both, but before

I could see more, the window slammed shut. I

guess the future wasn’t ready for my discovery.

I wanted to know what was going to happen. It

really bothered me not to see anymore than

I did. So I took another bite and saw a little

more than before. then the window shut

again. I saw that I would be living in the

world of misery more than ecstasy. In that

vision, I saw that I was going to have a  crappy

job that I didn’t like. Not enough pay or

hours. I was at home more than I was at

work. Of course, I was just a call-in. Nobody

important. Not like the owner of the business.

Nobody really cared about me and I was alone. So

Alone that I didn’t want to go anywhere or really

see anybody. My son was all grown-up and he

rarely came to see me. I hated my life. I

wanted it to get better. But it never did. So

I died alone. No one was there.

Foot note: The reader should know this was written

by a young woman in prison in the year 2006.

My god daughter and dear friend is now and outstanding


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