A Prisoners Prayer

Lord, please forgive me for all my sins, for

now I find myself back in prison again. I

promised you I’d never come back to this place,

somewhere down the road I lost my faith.


The evil temptations of this world are

sometimes to great for me and mortal women to

yet escape. My flesh is weak sometimes I

feel like I’m too late, but I know in my heart

the Lord is the best road to take..


Help me Lord to be  strong because I’ve

been doing wrong for way too long. You told

me Lord to confess to thee that I may find

strength in me.


God walk with me and hold my hand because

there is still a lot in this world I don’t

understand. Lord God cleanse my soul make

it brand new because I owe everything  in this

world to you.


Thank you God for being so compassionate

and mild because I’m still learning like a child.

You put me back in this place because it hurt

you  to see me running wild.


Thank you Lord for giving me another chance

to straighten out of my life and to become

a brand new woman. No one can ever love me the way You

can. Thank you Lord.


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