Prayer for a Second Chance

If I had a second chance, Lord, I’d change the

path I’ve taken. If i had three wishes I’d

give one to someone who had a broken heart

like me, and then I’d make my dreams a

reality. I look way back and hear all the

laughter that used to be, but now is an endless

river of tears that has been there

for many tears. So many times I’ve been taken

this endless road of pain and, not matter how

hard I try, it all ends up the same. So

I’ll put my pride aside so you can take my

hand, but please Lord lead me to the

promise land. I no longer want to make my

own way through, I want to give my life

back to you. I want a life with no more

tears. I’m sorry I told you to leave me alone,

because I thought I could make it on my own.

I promiseI’ll wait for however long it takes, but

please Lord, help me clear my mistakes.






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