Drunkard’s Prayer

You’v brought me in, out of the cold

Thou careth for my very soul

No one to turn to, but you,

Even my loved ones, flew the coop.

Homeless,  hungry, my life so forlorn

Regretting that I was ever born

They say a drunk, dies in that state

You brought me in, fore it was too late

Without a desire to live anymore

I could have knocked on Heaven or Hell’s door

You see no one seems to undertand

The life and confessions of a broken woman

Life entirely wasted on booze

Suicide, misery, what have I got to lose?

Once again, you’ve come to my rescue

How can I ever repay you or bless you?

But to rise up and serve you

May thou give me the strength to do

At times,I will be tempted to go back

That’s when I’ll need you to pick up the slack

Asylums, jail, treatment, are so despised

But they sent blessings, in disguise

So Lord, change me, as only thou could

And I will do, what long ago, I should.



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