Pray Each Day

Our Father which in heaven obove:

He’s the only one who shows

His love:

It says that someday He will return,

They gave us this map to learn


What is written in the Bible is no game,

If you live by the Word of Truth,

You won’t be ashamed.

Being a christian is something I have

to try,  because in sin I don’t want to be


God is the only one I need by my side,

With God in my heart i never have to hide.

We don’t have to go through life doing

Wrong, Because with God we can be strong


There’s only one thing left to say,

Get on your knees and pray each day.

What is say to you is a true story,

Believe and ask and you can see His glory,


In my  life and heart there is no

More rage. Now with God on my side

I can  turn the page.

As these words I say to you came to

an end, Do as I did, seek and find

a new friend.








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