An Acceptance of Life

Like the strongest of winds blowing in the night,

Or the Largest of eagles lost in flight,

A woman alone searches for a road to the light,

The light is a path so many like her can’t find,

Because so much they hold and won’t leave behind.

Like the pain of hurting so many before,

All the wanted was to help and nothing more.

All she craves is to be a real woman,

With a clear conscience why can’t anyone understand.

SatanĀ  has clouded her life and eyes for so long,

Her wanting to change has never been so strange.

Her wanting to change has never beenĀ  so strong.

She prays every night that God will see,

Just who this lost soul is pleading to be.

With the blanket of drugs removed from her eyes,

The changing woman’s greatest fear is realized.

She is sitting on a steel bunk alone in a cage,

Suddenly, she is filled with an evilish rage.

But, before she turns her rage into a case.

A smile breaks across the changed woman’s face

All her years of committing crimes,

God can remove with a little bit of time

So the years that Satan brought nothing but strife

God removed and gave her AN ACCEPTANCE OF LIFE!


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