I’ve been blessed with beautiful son, a guardian

Angel as my husband, precious gifts from Heaven

above, my abstinence -preserveth  our life.


Only- I sought for strength within myself,

I chose to do as I pleased, My faith was weak

Priorities lost, I was smitten to my knees.


This poem I wrote from a prison cell,

Seeking strength in troubled times,

Strong sex and violence cast me in,

Far removed-because of my crime.


Lust-stripped me of all that I had,

Where to find refuge? I’ve always known,

Trust, not in thyself -but look only to God,

He’s there for us-we’re never alone!


Please, pray for families such as mine,

And if you know anyone like me, I wrote this

Poem to let them know…

God loves them “Unconditionally!”


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