Scenic Look-Out

It’s good that we can lie on rocks

and overlook the far Minnesota Hills

See where the gap like a saddle

ride the St. Anthony waterfall

to Mississippi River? Trees

and rock shield they clothe

carve contours that seem

close, within our reach.

Like music-change of key,

harmonic phrases turned-

untouchable, the scene

for a moment

holds us in the mode of touching

We are not the first ones made

That we should strive to name

The slug on its silver trail,

fox in the thicket, ridge,

pine, shining raven, sky,

The world laid out eons before

in ice and lava flow.

Nor are we the ones

who will survive to catalog what’s  left.

Yet, together for this little while,

attuned to touch, we can look out

from height and recognize

the Garden on the old volcanic world.



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