It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been clean

It hasn’t been easy, the with drawls,

many a jones, many a friend.

Evan now as I write from cell

Many more days to come in this living hell

But when my time is done

I will finally be free

Not back to the life of drugs

But back to being healthy, back to the “old” me.

What a difference a year can make

No more living lies or being a fake

There was once a time

I lived for nothing but Meth

but that wasn’t living

For I came close to death

I lived now for my myself, my family, and life

I can’t wait to walk down the aisle

And become a good wife

I tried it once before

But I wasn’t sober

It lasted two months

And then it was over

When I was high it didn’t much matter

Whatever it took, and made the wallet fatter

another day, another store, another box of pills

I knew the risks involved, butt….

priority was having pipe to fill

So I took my chances and life seemed great

But with Meth it’s short-lived

You’ll soon meet your fate

You’ll loose everything, get hurt, and end up in jail.

It’s a promise Meth keeps never to fail.

So if you think you’re okay

And it won’t happen to you

Don’t be stupid, get real

I used to the think that too.

Meth does not choose favorites

It will get you, almost automatic

Please listen to me, I know


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