I stepped into your dreams lasts night

But you didn’t know I was there

I kissed your forehead, your nose, your lips

And gently smoothed your hair.


So sweet, as you were lying there

So handsome through and through

Even thought you would not know it,

I slipped in next to you.


I quietly laid there close to you

Though you were fast asleep.

Thinking of your past situations,

I began to weep uncontrollably.


I held you tight and close to me

As if we weren’t apart

Praying that you felt me close to you

At least  within your heart.


We laid together as night turned to dawn.

I arose to leave you so no one else could see.

I wish it was just not my spirit,

But the real me as well.


As I was leaving, the tears began to fall.

I turned back for one last kiss

Knowing you have my all.

So tonight when you dream among the stars

I pray that you will feel me,

Always in your heart.


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