I Am Present

I am neither a sacrilege nor a privilege

I may not be competent or excellent

But I am present.

My happiness is me

Not you

Not only because you may be temporary

But also becauseĀ  you want me to be me

What I am not.

I cannot be happy when I change

Merely to satisfy your selfishness

Nor can I feel content

When you criticize me for not thinking

Your thoughts for not seeing

Like you. You call me a rebel

Yet for each time I have rejected

Your beliefs, you have rebelled against mine.

I do not try to mold your mind

I know you are trying hard enough to be just you

And I cannot allow you tell me what to be

For I am concentrating on being me.


You said I was transparent

And easily forgotten

But why then did you try to us my lifetime

To prove to you yourself what you are?

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