A Mother’s Prayer

The ardent longing in my life

Is not a prayer for me;

In the deep watches of the night

I pray,  not selfishly.

I lift ten lives to you, O God,

Ten hearts I know you love.

I cannot help them now below,

Please bless them from above.


You see their need as I cannot,

You hear their prayers, I know.

You feel their tears upon your cheek

Please hold them as I go.

No woman could love them as I do,

No heart could miss them so.

But only you can lift their heads

And hold them as I go.


Give them strength when they are weak;

And peace in place of fear.

Give them eyes of faith that watch

As miracles appear.


Hold them close to your embrace,

The way I know I would.

Hold them tight in your embrace,

The way a parent should.

Be their  fortress from the storms,

A place where they can hide.

A parent strong whom they can trust,

In you they can have pride.


Although I cannot touch a face,

Or hold my loved ones near,

Or see them in the morning light,

Or wipe away their tears,

Or talk with them at night,

I know that you will be with them,

You’ll be their guiding light.


I give them to you, one by one,

My husband, my son, my family undone.

Please keep them close and love them strong!

I’ll love them from afar.



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