The Law of Compensation

If you commit a crime and tried in court

And acquitted by twist of tort.

Are you really innocent of what you’ve done?

Even if the courts say you have won.

But that’s not true, there’s a natural law.

It works all the time without a flaw.

It’s the law of compensation, there’s a price to pay

Even if things go your way.

There’s a price internal for everything you do

It must be paid no matter how you argue.

Harm someone, you’ll know it within

Even if the courts  say you shall win

You’ll  know in your heart, you’re guiltier than sin.

So before you do anything , ask these questions, ask

even if it’s a simple task.

Is this task wise? Will it hurt anyone?

will everyone benefit when task is done?

will everyone say it’s a win/win deal?

Will everyone be satisfied  with how they feel?

Am I willing and able to pay the total price?

Will everyone be free of sacrifice?

If you can say YES to these questions,

You can be sure

Everyone will be a winner,

Everyone will be secure.





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