I am not their Normal

There is another one showing on my page, standing out from the long list surveys that pay up to 1.00 for each. I am an avid worker of Amazon Mechanical Turk and have been for over a year. I really enjoy the job until I have this kind of survey which asks what is my birth gender? That is a logical question all the time. The follow up question is: what is your gender now? The are assuming that I changed my sex. I resent the question. I know these questions are seen by countless workers world wide. Then the questions will dig in deeper. Which one of about 6 types of genders am I. These make me very sick. I don’t even know what any of these other genders mean

The purpose of some of surveys is to find out my sexuality and how much I enjoy being Gay or Lesbian. To top it all off, when I have to write an essay about Gay or Lesbian I really can’t say anything nice about them.

I had stated, in my short essay, that Jesus condemned the sin of Gay and Lesbian. He did not condemn the person. They want everyone to accept the lifestyle of LGBQ as being normal. I cannot and will not do that. Then when I submit the survey for payment, I am rejected for “hate speech”.

The other survey being shoved down my throat Is the Vegan survey. It really irritates me to question why I am not vegan? Do I really need a reason to not be vegan? I love vegetables on my table all the time but protein is important. At least they don’t reject my attitude toward enjoying meat.

At last but not least is the survey about the environment. The try hard to convince me that sky is falling. Congresswoman AOC is telling us that the world will end in12 years if we don’t change according to her radical, irrational ways. There is absolutely no evidence of any of this. What she does not realize is the change that is occurring, is natural. Ask any area of the country facing record snowfall and temperatures, if there is climate change? Climate change has nothing to do with human activity. Recycling and being efficient in our uses of resources is just common sense.

In conclusion, all people should stand your ground against irrational thought that is unacceptable in a normal society. The radical left is trying to change what most people call normal.

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