“Shout to the Lord”

I can’t think of anything that I enjoy more than expressing my love for My Lord Jesus Christ. Bible reading and Prayer are very powerful ways of worship that I do everyday. I enjoy being thankful and giving God Praise at home. I can’t go to church because I am a shut in.

My feet were injured in fall over a year ago. That life changing event severely limit my walking ability and comfort to a great extent. I was deeply puzzled for many weeks after my injury. I could not explain the accident to my employer. I was not allowed any workman’s comp even though I was injured on the job. They seemed to think I wanted to be injured. I have had nephropathy for a couple years now with occasional sore feet. After the accident my feet hurt all the time even with a powerful medicine.

Now, you might think I would bitter about losing my job. The most emotionally painful part was not being able to work with my goddaughter. My youngest son taught me to work in the internet two days after I was out surgery. My driving and delivery days were done. I was in cast of a boot for 10 weeks. I was in misery for weeks with my wife at my side, like an angel. My family helped us move out of our home of 35 years.

How to worship with all these nasty changes going on? I figured it out eventually and realize God wanted a change in my life that I didn’t want. My boys encouraged us sell the house and downsize many times and to say the least we had severe debt and a mortgage that was never ending. Even though I ignored some basic financial facts I was somewhat discouraged. The load lifted off debt with the sale of our home and all debts paid off. We only have our apartment rent and other items that we need. We have all smaller space so we don’t need furniture.

At the of 69 we moved to a senior citizen residence where we are comfortably in a small apartment. We learned to love it. Now my wife and I have a Bible reading everyday with Prayer time. We listen to Robert Jeffress and Joyce Meyer everyday as well. My favorite thing to do is listen to Darlene Zscheck sing “Shout to the Lord” every morning from the computer. The song is powerful and up lifting as I worship God just before I start work each. I feel closer to Jesus more than ever and depend on Him more than I ever have. He supplies our needs more than I ever imagined.

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