Now we Know

But you insisted that Trump is guilty and should be impeached over collusion. I helped to elect Donald John Trump to the highest office in the land. I will admit I was hoping for another candidate to be nominated for the office but Trump won it. Get over it Hillary supporters. I’m an insignificant Republican who vote for Donald Trump to stop the socialist agent of the Democrats. If you guys really want socialism go to Venezuela and see if that is really what you want.

Have you ever noticed the good President Trump has done? I know he can be rude and brash but politically correct is not his style nor mine. He is good smart man who loves his country and the job of the presidency.

What really bothers me now is the election during the terms is three woman who are hostile to American values. One has the craziest idea how America should be with a complete change of life with the Green Deal. Totally impractical and worthless. The other ones hate the Jews. I wish she would realize the being Anti-semantic is an abomination to God. This nation cannot afford that kind of thought or even speak of it.

The Mueller report came out today proving Trump did not collude with Russians. And the same time MSNBC and CNN twist the facts to say it is uncertain what happened. Hatred for President Trump won’t go away. Bitterness continues. Any guess as to why?

Give you one clue, many want socialism when they don’t know what that means. I firmly believe the country will see thru the sham of the Democrats and they loss the next election. MAGA

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